How Can You Create Or Verify Your Account Without Verifying Phone Number

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How Can You Create Or Verify Your Account Without Verifying Phone Number

Post by helpinfo » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:26 am

It doesn’t matters whether you want to create your account or verify Gmail account without a phone verification,Google provides you the best way to do it.You just need to follow certain guidelines for that.Here, you can see solution for verifying Gmail account with using phone number and Gmail account creation:

How to verify google account without phone number?

It is first required to you to click Bluestacks on your computer.

You should go in “Settings” option

As a user,you need to click on ‘Account’

Now,you need to open account option and tap ‘Add Account’ button by using new drop box

However,you should select “Create a New Account” option of your phone.Gmail account can be created for free

There is need to enter “First Name” and “Last Name”, tap ‘next’ button.

When you name has three parts,you need to type first two parts type on the first name and third part on second column

Also, there is need to give desire email address with username

Select ‘next’ button and type the accessible username

You need to write password and tap ‘next’ button.

If you have written your password,Google will ask you enter your phone number but you don’t need to enter any phone number.

Select the option of “Skip” button and tap the ‘next’ button two times

In your final step,it will ask you with payment information but you should just tap “Remind me later”

Tap ‘next’ and you are done.

New gmail account can be used without verifying phone number

Source : Click here for more information how to verify google account without phone number( ... one-number)

How to create Gmail account?

It is first required to go to

You need to select the option of “Create account.”

Now, you will get the signup form,you need to follow certain directions and enter the required information.

Also,there is need to review Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy,tap the check box and click “Next.”

However, you will get the option to set up recovery options.These are helpful when you forget your password or if someone tries to access your account.

Select the option of “Done” and your account will be created, Google welcome page will appear.

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Re: How Can You Create Or Verify Your Account Without Verifying Phone Number

Post by SimonCross » Tue Apr 03, 2018 12:52 pm

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