Know about the process for google account recovery without phone number!!

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Know about the process for google account recovery without phone number!!

Post by helpinfo » Fri Apr 13, 2018 5:11 am

Google account, many times doesn’t work because of its password issues and makes problem for the user to send and get emails on their google id. So, for recovering or getting back the google id, the user should simply process the password recovery steps and should continue their email work on it.

Therefore, for recovering the google account there is a need to follow the password recovery steps that can be processed with the use of phone number and also without it. Here the question is google account recovery without the phone number that should be processed with the below given steps :

Firstly the user should open the browser and should go to the google account homepage by entering

Then select on the email option and enter the google email id for the account recovery.

After this the user should select forgot password and also they are required to enter their last password for their account that they remember.

If the password in not known by the user then they should select different question option for recovering the account.

The user should then do the verification of their google account by entering their alternate email address in the required space.

Google will then send an email link to that particular email address.

User should then select the link and should follow it.

In the new page that opens the user is supposed to enter their new password.

Select save when the new password is entered.

Furthermore, by the above mentioned steps the google account recovery without phone number( ... t-password) will be processed and the user will be able to sign in to their account again. These steps should be followed in the correct way and the user should remember their new password for safety purpose.

Source : Other Source how to recover or verify google account click here ... le-account

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Re: Know about the process for google account recovery without phone number!!

Post by ElenaPontedra » Thu May 24, 2018 12:13 pm

Thank you friend, you helped solve my problem, I have been suffering for a very long time.

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