colleges and students

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colleges and students

Post by ak3m1 » Tue May 22, 2018 12:35 pm

When researching for I found a college where the philosophy from the upper level administration is that students are customers and are to be treated as such. The attitude is "they pay tuition and fees, therefore they're entitled to whatever they want". That means dumbing down the courses until the courses and work are meaningless, that means adjusting grades when the students demand it, that means making it was easy and fun as possible for them. I'm not at a fancy private college but at a community college, where more than half of the students, including most of the ones born here, need developmental courses because they're unprepared for college-level courses. The adjunct faculty (now more 55% of the faculty) feel that they can't say no or hold the students to a higher standard. Staff often can't say no either (say no at your peril, i.e., lose your job). Tenured faculty have more protection and try, but they're outnumbered and often say that they've been worn down. Although the WP article is specifically about speech on campus, the "student is really a customer" bleeds over into everything else. I strongly disagree; getting a college degree, be it at a community college or at Harvard or the state university, isn't like buying a bicycle at Walmart. Students are supposed to work for their degrees, not have them handed to them, along with straight A's, simply because they paid tuition. That's why for generations they were called "students", with the implication that their efforts and studying mean something. Students at colleges are customers--in the bookstore, when they're buying their campus meal plans, etc. They're NOT customers in the classroom, in the lab, in the library. To be a student means they're not supposed to know everything, but that they're supposed to read, to study, to spend time in the lab, to fail, to ask questions and to demonstrate what they've learned to their professors.

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Re: colleges and students

Post by BradleyNunez » Thu Jun 14, 2018 7:09 am

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