Problem connect vpn manally

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Problem connect vpn manally

Post by haminhngoc » Sun Mar 25, 2018 8:01 am

Hi guys,
I am studying vpn, and I want to understand how VpnGate and SoftEther VPN work.
I have problem while trying to connect to a vpn manally
1. I choose a vpn in the list: For e.g. / from Thailand
2. I open SoftEther VPN client manager, choose "Add VPN Connection" => then fill all information to Host, Port, Hub, Authentication
3. Click OK, but the software can not to VPN

But if I use "VPN GatePublic VPN Relay Servers", then select the same vnp as above ( from Thailand), I can connect.

I attached two files, they are Property page of the two connection
1. Connect manually.PNG => Fail to connect
2. Connect from list.PNG => Select VPN in list => Connect ok

I am looking forward any comment/ideas, they will all help me to understand this situation.

Thank you in advance,
Connect manually.PNG
Connect from list.PNG

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