Why is the floor drum up?

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Why is the floor drum up?

Post by Qizhenbi » Tue Jul 11, 2017 6:15 am

1, wet deformation
The relative humidity in the air is high, did not take the wetting measures, the air moisture absorbed by the wood after the moisture expansion. Housing long-term customs, uninhabited, poor ventilation, whitewashed layer of water evaporation after no place to be absorbed by the wood floor after the absorption of moisture expansion. Base water quality is too high, moisture barrier layer is not sealed and moisture expansion.[url=http://tonguegroovedecking.com/tongue-groove/2566.html]composite fence prices UAE[/url]

2, no extension joints or too narrow
Floor laying, shop to the wall, should stay 2 cm gap as a expansion joints, and then covered with a foot cover, and some owners in order to clean, wood flooring when the adjacent between the adjacent requirements of the expansion joints, Or let the laying of workers to sew as much as possible to keep the floor, which will make the floor can not stretch, moistened by moist air after the expansion is easy to arch up, and even cracked between the wooden floor and the wall between the structure of the expansion of the lack of reserves.[url=http://tonguegroovedecking.com/composit ... /2313.html]neo composite deck tiles[/url]

3, the expansion joints are filled
Expansion joints with small pieces of wood, gypsum, putty fill, or with a skirting line to death, so that the floor can not stretch, resulting in the floor from the arch.
4, the room through shop
More than two rooms in the installation of the floor when the door is not installed buckle, in the moisture, when the two large room floor, horizontal extension of the floor, causing the room at the door of each other involved, so that the floor arch.
5, not segmented
Wood flooring pavement area is larger or wider, without taking segmentation measures.
6, there are foreign body
During the installation process, if there is a foreign body to stay in the floor, and the floor before the safety, not promptly clean up, this will also cause the floor from the arch.
7, the floor base from the arch
Under the floor under the grass from the base, if the installation of the floor before the original floor has a solid wood flooring, after the floor because the original floor damp drums up, it will lead to the floor arch up.[url=http://tonguegroovedecking.com/composit ... /2273.html]wooden plastic unit price[/url]

8, improper floor maintenance
Often with a more humid mop moored, resulting in the ground has water infiltration.

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Re: Why is the floor drum up?

Post by Elomo » Thu May 03, 2018 12:56 pm

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