SoftEther deployed in northern Thailand

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SoftEther deployed in northern Thailand

Post by samiam » Sat Dec 06, 2014 4:13 am

Dear peers and associates of University of Tsukuba,

i have spent intense focused time to find a software suite such as SoftEther in order to develop a public-LAN in my remote village restricted by the draconian throttling of my ISP. At the moment, this appears to be my only viable alternative. And so i ask any interested associate of the University or nearby users to assist me in this endeavor. The purpose of this endeavor is to give locals an alternative to the draconian ISPs present using their networks in clever ways. This is much more than consumer-advocacy. Over time, it is hoped this kind of effort will lessen the draconian ways of the ISPs present. If they do not change, perhaps we can build our own infrastructure to give consumers a more desirable choice. According to Dr. John Hardman, of FAU, consumers are mis-labeled and are actually producers. The mind-set of Americans and Thais following is one of consumerism and selfishness. The best way to fight that mindless bent is to provide free/almost-free quality services while raising awareness about our corrupt systems. In this way, we can cultivate a regenerative civilization worthy of the label.

So, if you're interested in co-nurturing a regenerative civilization, please contact me directly or post here in support of the project. Please do not post denigrating or dis-empowering replies. My idea for the project is that we create a permanent super-node network with redundancy. Initially, this network will be built upon existing networks and infrastructure. All initial deployment will be volunteer (node-space and connectivity-space). With appropriate support, we may be able to transform the network to be wholly independent of existing infrastructure. The purpose of this goal is to provide an unbreakable infrastructure oriented toward "consumers". It is my belief that true civilization will follow..

i have always been labeled a "dreamer", but i feel that label is unfair and unjustified. i am a DOer and MAKEr without fear or hesitation. A brief bio of me follows..

Salvatore Gerard Micheal Brief Bio:
Grew up in Michigan during the Apollo launches, was raised as a naturalist and God-fearing boy, became interested in ecosystems management at a young age, learned some basic systems principles at MSU, floundered around within the corrupt American system for about 30 years, realized such, and is currently an organic farmer in Maeaeb, Thailand.
me in my "mafia look" lol
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