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laugh a lot 9389

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it very important to avoid getting caught in this trap
Recently, I visited this so called soul food restaurant. I ordered the 3 veggie plate with hot water cornbread. To drink I ordered sweet tea with lemon. The rude lady at the counter was preoccupied with her personal business and did not bring lemon with my tea. So I politely ask her if I could get lemon for my tea. She replied we don't have lemon but I have lemon juice. You would think she would have been nice enough to bring me the lemon juice to the table. She said in her funky rude voice if you bring your glass to the counter I can pour some lemon juice in your tea. I'm not sure if mad at the world or stressed out about her business but she should not take that out on her customers. I went to counter to pay my bill and ask her if I could get my refill on the tea to go. Granted I did not have a refill during my meal. So the rude woman decides yes no problem and proceeded to charge me another $2 for a glass of tea. The menu specifically read tea refills are free. She needs to get an attitude check. Hopefully, her business will not last too much longer especially if she treats all her customers like crap.
Allan never paid a second visit to England,laugh a lot, but he continued to play in Inter Colonial matches for some time. Soon, however,children laughing sound effect, his old position as Victoria's crack bowler was taken by George Palmer. Like Allan, Palmer came out when very young and jumped at once to the top of the tree,laughing face, establishing his reputation in a match against Lord Harris's team in March, 1879.
At this stage of the Tournament,i need a laugh, its hard but we have to say bye bye to youngsters wanting to be in the team for learning,laughing boy, TRAINING PHASE IS OVER GUYS. we are now faced with a TOUGH JOB to defend our world champion status, Bring in the BEST TEAM which means play with all Sehwag, Gambhir, Sachin and Zaheer in all the IMP matches (which is all matches from now on). BYE BYE experience gainers, will see u in some other series please. If now the seniors fail we can decide but right now we don't have any other option.
One caveat though. is that this place is hard to find once you go inside. lol you have to go to the second floor but there are friendly signs. just weird. In fact, I wish things were priced down a little bit just to compensate for the sun rays and the maze into the place. But overall I like it.
Late that afternoon,woman laughing, I witness something nasty: a black man in his 30s, leaning awkwardly over a chess table in the corner of the park, an intense,try not to laugh, vacant look on his face as a patrolman with a size 18 neck frisks his torso, arms, and legs from behind. Finding nothing, the cop snarls some unacknowledged words to the wise and takes off, and the man sits down at the empty table to gather his wits and papers. I recognize him suddenly: Alex, a weak but iron willed chess player who used to be here constantly, falling into lost positions almost every game, finding one saving move after another till his opponent finally dropped. It's been a while since I've seen him,good laugh, and the change is baffling. Six months ago he was a gentle, solvent professional who didn't seem a day over 25.
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