The Passenger Elevator may stop slightly

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The Passenger Elevator may stop slightly

Post by huzhoufujihd » Fri Jan 13, 2017 2:33 am

? If you feel uneasy about anyone riding the [url=]passenger elevator [/url], trust your instincts and wait for the next one.

Do not try to cram into a full compartment.

? If you know you will be slow at boarding, ask another passenger to keep the Open button engaged until you are clear of the doors.

? Watch where you are going! Sometimes the elevator may be a little above or below floor level.

? Do not try to enter the compartment once the doors have started to close, unless someone inside the elevator presses the Open button. Photoelectric sensors may malfunction.

? Maintain full control of possessions, children, and pets, ensuring that nothing blocks the door opening.

? Once you are on the elevator, press the button for your floor and move back, leaving the doorway clear for other riders to enter.

During Your Ride:

? Take a wide-legged stance, lean against a wall, or hold onto a handrail.

? Pay attention to the floor indicators.

? Once the elevator stops, wait for the door to open; if there is a delay, ask someone to push the Open button.

While Exiting the Elevator:

? Be polite to other passengers. Announce that this is your floor, and make your way to the front without inconveniencing others.

? Remember to watch your step. The elevator may stop slightly above or below floor level.

? If you notice any malfunctions (like flashing floor indicators, doors opening/closing continuously, a jerky ride, etc.) report them to [url=]buy elevator[/url] staff right away.

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