Project provides dresses for students

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Project provides dresses for students

Post by marieprom » Thu Mar 02, 2017 6:20 am

It's that time of year again. Many students stress over finding the perfect outfit and perfect date to make for a perfect night: prom.

Though prom season may be stressful, finding a [u=]sexy prom dresses uk[/u] may not serve as a problem for many female students at Dodge City High School. The high school is hosting a "Glitz and Gowns" prom dress drive on Thursday and Friday for students attending the 2017 prom who are in need of a dress.

"A couple years ago we had heard in our community that there was a need for students to borrow dresses," said organizer Melanie Scott. "Blanca Soto with Communities in Schools at the high school and I are partnering on this project so that we can reach out to girls at the high school. Anybody attending the prom can borrow a dress for free."

This drive is held for students who can't afford a prom dress otherwise.

"If anybody has shopped for a prom dress lately, some of them are upwards of $500 to $700 for one night," Scott said. "We just want to give the girls an opportunity to borrow a dress and concentrate more on having fun than the cost."

According to Scott, this drive was made possible by generous donations from the community.

"We have put out Facebook posts, different things on Twitter and then just people all over the community have been very generous," she said. "We even have some from outward communities donating to us as well."

On top of the donations, the high school also partnered with Headcases Salon to provide a special prize for one of the students trying on a dress.

"For every [u=]sexy prom dress[/u] that a girl comes and tries on, she puts her name in a drawing and she has the chance to win either a prom hair up-do, a shellac manicure or a spray tan from Headcases Salon," said Scott.

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