Ancient meaning to flowers

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Ancient meaning to flowers

Post by marieprom » Thu Mar 23, 2017 10:19 am

Flowers play a big role in many weddings, and couples can add beauty and ambiance to the event by using floral arrangements in various ways. Modern floral arrangements are stunning, and many couples might not know that herbs, spices and flowers have been used in weddings for centuries.

Today, flowers are used to decorate wedding venues, impart sweet fragrances and complement formal attire, but in ancient times they were used differently. Flowers were used to bestow good luck on the couple and keep bad omens away.

Modern brides and grooms may no longer see their wedding days as times for opportunistic evil spirits, but that doesn't mean couples cannot borrow from ancient traditions and incorporate flowers into their weddings in various ways: Wreaths and garlands: Ask the florist to weave small flower buds, berries and vines to a headband, wreath or piece of twine so the bride and groom can wear these flowers in the way they were worn by ancient Greeks and Romans. When coupled with Grecian-styled wedding gowns, brides can look like beautiful goddesses on their wedding days.

Fragrant favours: Tuck dried rose petals and other fragrant flowers into sachets that are embroidered with the wedding date and couple's names. Guests can use these sachets to keep clothing smelling fresh in drawers or as subtle air fresheners around the house.

Edible flowers: Ask the caterer to make meals flower-friendly by including some edible blooms in the salad or as a garnish on meals.

Raining petals: In lieu of bubbles or birdseed, guests can shower the newlyweds with rose petals after the ceremony.

Memorial: Some couples like to honour departed family members. Floral arrangements with small placards can make for fitting memorials.Read more at: |

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Re: Ancient meaning to flowers

Post by carmen_ward » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:49 pm

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