3 Golden Tips for Skyrocketing your Productivity

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3 Golden Tips for Skyrocketing your Productivity

Post by shaneracrantson » Tue May 23, 2017 9:51 am

Create Organized Systems
Being organized saves tons of time, and you don’t have to be the most ultra-organized person in the world either. Systems aren’t complicated to implement. There are quite good easy Task Management Tools in the market, my personal favt is TaskQue.

Learn to say “no”
They say the more you say ‘Yes’ to things that are unimportant, soon you will be saying ‘No’ to things that are important to you. Decide what you really want and go for that.

Do something during waiting time
We tend to waste so much of time in things that are not at all important. The in-between time is the most important time which you can utilize to do things that are quick and time saving.

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