I'm a sports fanatic

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I'm a sports fanatic

Post by marieprom » Thu Jul 27, 2017 7:41 am

Nicole Kidman credits swimming and sit-ups for her good health, insisting she loves to stay active.

The blonde beauty turned 50 last month (Jun17) and she is just as stunning as ever thanks to her regular work-outs.

"I do sit-ups," she told U.S. news show Extra. "Not a lot, but I do sit-ups... I love to swim and run. I actually love sports."

Nicole put her fit body on display as the cover girl of the Autumn/Winter 2017 issue of Love magazine, flaunting her frame in a sexy country music-inspired editorial complete with cowboy hats and boots, crop tops and boy shorts, while posing around her adopted Nashville, Tennessee, where she lives with her singer husband Keith Urban.

And even though she's receiving a host of praise from fans for the sizzling shoot, photographed by Carin Backoff, modest Nicole admits she felt a bit insecure in the skimpy outfits she wore.

"That's crazy what we did," she says. "Little denim shorts, right? I thought about that afterwards. I was like, 'What was I doing?' I lost my mind!"

But she had plenty of support from her Urban, who Kidman has praised for helping her through the many intense physical transformations she has experienced within the past year and a half.

Nicole famously portrayed domestic violence victim Celeste Wright in this year's (16) hit HBO network series Big Little Lies and she leaned on Keith to help her through the physically brutal filming process.

"He loved the series (but) he's also my husband," she tells Extra, "so I come home and I've got bruises. Or, you know, I'm upset... Artistically, when you're in a relationship like this, we get those things (and help each other)."Read more at:http://www.marieprom.co.uk/prom-dresses ... manchester | http://www.marieprom.co.uk/prom-dresses ... -liverpool

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