A fashion and print exhibition by Happy Andrada

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A fashion and print exhibition by Happy Andrada

Post by marieprom » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:24 am

AVANT-GARDE Filipina designer Happy Andrada, in collaboration with Artists and Company Manila and Norde International, held a revolutionary fashion and print exhibition with the theme ‘Transcendence’.

Transcendence unravels how technology empowers designers to push the limits of their practice, break the status quo and set new trends in art, fashion and design.

The Transcendence collection highlighted the first-ever one-step roll-to-roll textile printer, Kornit Allegro, which enables custom patterns and designs to be printed on a wide array of fabrics within a few minutes.

As the exclusive distributor of Allegro in the country, Norde aims to address not only the technology needs of the fashion industry, but also to inspire designers and graphic artists all over the world as their creationscan now be rolled out in the fashion industry.

Allan Hao Chin of Norde said Kornit Allegro eliminates the need for pre- and post-treatment for multiple fabrics. “We are addressing this need and it also allows aspiring designers, those that don’t have yet the volume, to produce their own collection,” he said, noting the first full-

processed digital photo printer prints the widest variety of materials.

“It now allows local fashion brands and designers to unleash their creativity without limitations,” he added.

The 1.8-meter wide system offers amazing print quality, a vivid and wide color gamut, excellent color fastness and hand feel as well as a fully sustainable and safe process. “Here, it is one shot, which means you load the fabric, it goes to the printer, it prints, it dries and once it goes out, it is already usable,” Chin explained.

For her latest collection, Andrada used Kornit Allegro to print digital patterns made of edited photos of renowned lifestyle photographer Shaira Luna on rolls of fabrics. “It is something new to work with, a lot of people to collaborate with… It was a dream come true for me just seeing

that they could print anything and everything,” she said.

She said the Transcendence collection breaks away from the norm and pushes the boundaries. “It is something different because it is the first time here in the Philippines to have huge and really good machine for printing… It is likewise a dream come true for all designers,” she added.

“For this collection, I told them I am going to use a lot, a range of fabrics – pineapple, charmeuse, chiffon, duchess, neoprene and gazar… I want to showcase that the machine is able to print something vibrant, as I wanted to be fun and kaleidoscopic, too,” she stressed.

Norde will sell her collection at its showroom.

Hand in hand with the fashion exhibition of Andrada, Norde also represents HP Graphic Arts Printers Indigo, Latex and Scitex that were used in the Print Exhibition with Moss Manila, which created an environment that will translate and amplify the print, technology and fashion cohesively thru event design.Read more at:http://www.marieprom.co.uk | http://www.marieprom.co.uk/formal-dresses-uk

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