Running VPN " Inside " VPS Instance

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Running VPN " Inside " VPS Instance

Post by onehost » Wed Sep 06, 2017 10:15 am

We have been wanting a solution for this for sometime now.

We want to be able to provide and use a VPN inside a VPS with a static IP and still be able to access the VPS via its public IP while all traffic leaving the VM to go via the VPN.

We have tried using OpenVPN nd changing the routing tables and this works but if too complex for some people.

We have looked at DDNS and this would be great if Softether could offer this via the Client Side.

If anyone can assist I would gladly pay for someones time to test and setup on one VM and if it works I would pay a few hundred dollars for a working setup.

If you are interested in being paid to provide a solution PM me and I will provide a company email so we can communicate or we can discuss over the phone.

Access to the VM is via SSH and a Remote Desktop application via port 4000.

Any help would be appreciated

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