TomTom GPS

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TomTom GPS

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TomTom is an emerging GPS device manufacturer which offer different kinds of navigational devices for various purposes. It offers GPS units for cars, two wheelers, handheld devices and more. TomTom is a Dutch company and is the major European GPS manufacturer. Apart from this it also provides various device including Sports Watches and other wearables.

The company offers products for Navigation which includes popular devices such as TomTom GO, TomTom VIA, TomTom Start and more. Apart from this it also manufactures sports watches which include TomTom sport and golf watches. One can enjoy seamless navigation through TomTom devices and find their ways accurately.

The company also provides TomTom Traffic service which enable users to get latest information on traffic. This traffic monitoring service uses multiple sources for providing accurate traffic information. The sources it uses include following:

1. Traditional sources: It employs the traditional ways of collecting data on traffic. It includes sources like Government data, surveillance cameras on read etc.

2. New sources: This source of information include the modern sources of traffic information. It is based on the information provided by the anonymous phone users about various traffic details.

TomTom GPS devices offer reliable and accurate navigation information when they are up to date. Hence regular map updates are key to get latest information on various path changes. You can get easy map updates with TomTom updates. If you have any technical issues or problems updating your TomTom maps then call at TomTom customer service number to get instant support.
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