Simple Layer 3 test making me feel stupid

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Simple Layer 3 test making me feel stupid

Post by Railtracer » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:38 am

I thought I understood layer 3 routing just fine, as well as softethers implementation of it, but I must have done something wrong. Quick breakdown:

My network: 192.168.0 subnet
Coworker network: 192.168.1 subnet

Hub 1 on my windows 7 based softether hyperv virtual server is for my 192.168.0 subnet activity and it works wonderfully bridged through a hyperv virtual NIC in promiscuous mode.

Hub 2 i recently made for my coworker to cascade to from his server and his network is 192.168.1 subnet

I have created a layer 3 virtual switch with two interfaces. for my subnets interface on hub1, for my coworkers network on hub 2.

The cascade from his server to hub 2 is successful. On that session I can see the ip table with his 192.168.1 subnet addresses.

I have set a static route on my tp link router for subnet with as the next hop.

I can ping the and interfaces from a machine on my network, so i assumed the layer 3 virtual switch was working.

Tracert will read 1: (my router) 2: 3: if i run it against

If I try to ping any of the ip's of any active machines on my coworkers network they will fail. I cant seem to be able to ping anything that resides on his physical network, only the interface on my layer 3 virtual switch. I keep reading through the documentation for using softethers layer 3 routing and I seem to be following it to a T.

Does anyone see any issues with how I have configured my virtual layer 3 switch and tp link router? At this point I am thinking my coworkers local bridge on his server is where my problem lies.

Does the fact that I can ping the interface effectively prove that I have a functioning layer 3 route to the network assuming that there is one within the scope of the hubs involved with my layer 3 virtual switch? I feel like it does but perhaps I am wrong.

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Re: Simple Layer 3 test making me feel stupid

Post by thisjun » Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:47 am

Did you add route on coworker's office?

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Re: Simple Layer 3 test making me feel stupid

Post by Railtracer » Mon Jan 08, 2018 8:53 pm

Thanks for the response, let me update you on what ended up happening.

Just for fun, I added a local bridge to my network on the virtual hub that I built for my coworkers cascade connection to connect to. I then manually set one of my local machines to his subnet with his router as my gateway, to prove the layer 2 connectivity, and with that I was able to ping and access his network just fine. With this access, I configured a static route to my network on his router, and tested some pings back to my own network and found that they worked just fine.

So I discovered the virtual layer 3 switch was working, but only from his network to mine. Here is where it gets stupid. I needed to replace a power outlet on the same circuit as my server, so I shut it down and did my work. When I brought it back up all the layer 3 routing was running fine, with no changes made at all. So even though I cant prove it, I feel like there might be some kind of bug with the virtual layer 3 switches when they are created that may at times require a service restart before they function

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Re: Simple Layer 3 test making me feel stupid

Post by sozasobo » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:42 am

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Re: Simple Layer 3 test making me feel stupid

Post by jeroldwinslow » Mon Jan 15, 2018 10:59 am

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