VPN Server Manager

Post your questions about SoftEther VPN software here. Please answer questions if you can afford.
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VPN Server Manager

Post by rico.arellano » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:28 am

Hi Sir / Ma'am,

Good day.

We are one of IPConverge's client here in the Philippines. I believe they become one of your partner here, since they are the one recommended us to use SoftEther for VPN Connections. During that time, they are using their old infra for their clients and we do not have any issues using SoftEther.
All of our clients can connect to our system easily. Unfortunately, when they have changed their infa to cloudsigma and migrated our servers to this new infra, we started to encountering connectivity issues with our clients. Some of our clients are experiencing difficulties in connecting their computers to our system and sometimes they totally cannot connect using SoftEther ("This site can't be reach"). I would like to ask for your assistance in solving these issue. Also, may I ask if you have a SofthEther Server Manager in full version that we can purchase.

Looking forward to your reply and hoping for your support.

Thank you.


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