Softether RADIUS protocol support - PAP only?

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Re: Softether RADIUS protocol support - PAP only?

Post by PaulC » Sat Nov 21, 2015 2:28 pm

I notice with my setup, I have mixed results:

My Radius server is actually a Windows Domain Controller.

If I create a VPN connection in Windows and I specify a VirtualHub name after the username (i.e. bloggsj@vpnhub2), then I have to enable PAP in the connection. If (for example) I have a VirtualHub called vpnhub1 and it's the default as far as SoftEther is concerned, then when I authenticate, I don't need to specify it in the credentials window (I just use bloggsj) and it will also work without PAP configured (it will work fine with just MSCHAP V2).

In windows 10 certainly, it looks like when you put the @VirtualHub on the end of the username, windows is assuming @DOMAIN and then it fails to authenticate unless PAP is ticked.

I'm looking for a solution.

NB< This doesn't seem to be an issue on any other O/S including Mac OSX, IOS or Android.

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