Three Different VPN Needs

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Three Different VPN Needs

Post by thczv » Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:33 am

Hi All,

I am relatively inexperienced with VPNs. But so far it looks like SoftEther has a remarkable combination of features. I have three particular VPN needs. I am wondering if SoftEther can take care of all three.

1. Home Network <--> pfSense <--> Cloud SoftEther VPN Server <--> Internet. I already have a Ubuntu 14.04 server hosted on Linode that I use for e-mail, etc. I would like to install a SoftEther Server on that server in the cloud and create a OpenVPN server on it. My pfSense home router would act as an OpenVPN client (using built in client support), and allow me to route home internet traffic to the internet (avoiding the prying eyes of my internet provider). I think this is the easy task that I am sure SoftEther can do just fine.

2. Remote Devices (PC, iPhone, Chromebook) <--> Cloud SoftEther VPN Server <--> pfSense <--> Home Network. When I am away from home, I want to be able to use software already built into my Windows PCs, iPhones, Android phones, Chromebooks, etc. to securely connect to the SoftEther VPN server in the cloud, and access files, etc. on my home network. I imagine the same OpenVPN connection described in the first situation could also work for this. This use case doesn't seem especially challenging either.

3. Home Devices (essentially Windows PCs) <--> pfSense <--> Cloud SoftEther VPN Server <--> Work PPTP VPN. I need a sort of gateway between a remote PPTP VPN and my home Windows PCs. I have a couple of Windows PCs at home that need to access a remote Work VPN using PPTP. Because PPTP is insecure and obsolete, it isn't supported by my home pfSense router (at least when more than one device is trying to access the PPTP server). So, what I would like is for a SoftEther VPN server in the cloud to act as a PPTP client with regard to the Work PPTP VPN, and I would like the SoftEther VPN server to somehow allow me to access the Work PPTP VPN, bypassing the limitations of my pfSense router. As long as SoftEther can act as a PPTP client, the connection to my Home Devices could likely be made in several ways. For example, SoftEther and pfSense could work together using an OpenVPN connection so that I could route work traffic seamlessly without using VPN software or settings on my PCs (I'm not quite sure how to do the routing, with firewall rules, port forwarding, etc., but it seems possible). As an alternative, a SoftEther server in the cloud could simply provide a separate VPN server using a protocol that pfSense doesn't hate (like it does PPTP), and I could simply set up VPN connections through Windows. Bottom line: I need to use a different (non-PPTP) protocol in order for my home Windows PCs to access my remote PPTP work VPN.

Is it possible for SoftEther to do all three of these things at the same time?

Any other suggestions?


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Re: Three Different VPN Needs

Post by thisjun » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:11 am

If the OpenVPN of pfSense supports tap mode, this configuration can probably be achieved.

It maybe possible.

SoftEther VPN can't act as a PPTP client.
However, if you install a PPTP client on the cloud server and configure routing, that configuration may be possible.

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