Softether is slow to load tabs/links in browsers

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Softether is slow to load tabs/links in browsers

Post by Skimonster » Wed Apr 04, 2018 8:00 pm

Hi. Total noob, here. :)

I have been using SoftEther VPN for awhile, now.

Though, I have mostly benefited from it, I have issues I'm hoping someone (or many someones) can help me with.

Sometimes I can get connected to a site and the tab loads up just fine. Often, though, it is forever loading and then I get a blank tab or error message about a time-out issue.

So, I try to change the ip server, but oftentimes I don't get the page to refresh (for the newest connections) to connect and end up exiting, turning off my wifi, running ccleaner and Glary Utilities to clear any cache, registries, etc. that may be interfering. I've even gone into the logs files and deleted the previous logs that are stored there. That usually helps a bit, but ultimately, I end up uninstalling and reinstalling SoftEther. Sometimes that helps... but, here I am with a fresh re-install and having the same issues with slow connections, even though the ones I have access to are 200+Mbps.

I am working with 2 separate laptops (Dell). One is Win 7 and the other is Win 10. Both are 64bit. My wifi is usually between 100-300Mbps. My usual browser is Waterfox (preferred), but I have had similar issues with Firefox, Chrome, I.E., Edge, etc...

Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!
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Re: Softether is slow to load tabs/links in browsers

Post by thisjun » Fri Apr 27, 2018 2:17 am

I think this problem is in server side.
Could you check server log?

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