Can I share the Internet Connection of a Remote Host?

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Can I share the Internet Connection of a Remote Host?

Post by turnupdigital » Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:37 pm

Hello... I never post, ever I only loom absorbing information usually... but I am stumped and I think you fine folks can help me out.

I needed to group some servers that where not in the same location for web development purposes. I came across SoftEther while researching for a solution.

As I tried to understand how it worked more and more it seems like I should be able to use the internet connection from a remote host. Or at least share the internet connection of a remote host... How? what is the best way... I control the entire environment I have servers set up not admins or anyone overseeing me.

I know I can do it with windows server but it has to be with windows enterprise installed before I went that route I wanted to see it there is anyway to do it with SoftEther.

On the server I can turn on Internet Connection Sharing. This "Cascading" function seems to tell me that I can forward the internet connectivity to another hub or server... but I dont know.

My server is on a 1Gbps connection how can I share in that connection and have as close to that speed as possible from halfway around the world?

Your insight and assistance is appreciated.

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