Different ip subnet for different client/user

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Different ip subnet for different client/user

Post by nicknack » Tue May 08, 2018 3:09 pm

I have managed to get VPN LAN - LAN ( L3 ) and User-Client VPN Server .
Thank you so much for the great software !

I just need to ask if it is possible to assign different ip/subnet to different user logging in with vpn client ?

The current situation is :

I have 1 DHCP Server that is serving multiple vlan, DHCP is relayed by Physical L3 Switch from each segment.
With current SoftEther deployment, every user that connects to our VPN server is being assigned to vlan 1 from the DHCP Server.
For example: User A is usually assigned to vlan 40 ( 192.168.40.x ) inside our office LAN.
But whenever he is connecting from outside office, he have IP assignment from DHCP to vlan 1 ( which is our management vlan ).
Is it possible to assign his IP address still from vlan 40 ?

Office :
User A : VLAN 40 ---> Physical L3 Switch ( relayed ) ---> DHCP Server
User A has IP assignement for VLAN 40 ( 192.168.40.x )

Outside :
User A : ---> VPN Server --> Physical L3 Switch ( relaying dhcp ) -- DHCP Server.
User A has IP assignment from VLAN 1 ( 192.168.1.x )

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Re: Different ip subnet for different client/user

Post by thisjun » Wed May 23, 2018 7:54 am

If you use Radius auth, you can assign VLAN ID from Radius attribute.
If so, please enable 'AssignVlanIdByRadiusAttribute' in virtual hub extended option.
If not, please use VLAN ID option in Security policy.

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