VPN public IP is not accessible or reachable from outside

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VPN public IP is not accessible or reachable from outside

Post by hariharan » Mon May 31, 2021 2:57 pm


My name is Hariharan. I'm working as Linux Administrator for IT firm in Germany. I have just joined and it's been jus two months overed. I have an issue in accessing public VPN IP. The issue is, we have a set of clourd servers (Host Europe) and in some servers, we have installed and configured softether vpn server and client. The actual problem is, in one of the those servers, the softether vpn public IP is not reachable or accessible from outside (which means it only accessible within cloud infra). Since I'm new to this, I don know what should do further in order to make this VPN's public IP accessible from outside. As this configuration was implemented by former colleague so I don know exactly what he did. I would be so great-ful to you if you can help me in resolving this issue.

Please note that, in other cloud servers (Host Europe), the public VPN's are accessible or reachable outside and locally.

Many thanks in advance!

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