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Spam users

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2022 12:33 pm
by Firelord
Good afternoon, I want to share my connection with normal people, as soon as I see suspicious activity, I immediately disconnect the connection, block especially intrusive ones (on my own, the project does not contribute in any way, on the contrary, it does not allow such people to be blacklisted). In my opinion, it starts to reach the point of absurdity, spammers connect to me through other servers of the project, waste my traffic, which is not intended for them, and cause some harm to someone. My question is, who is dealing with this? Do you write to their providers about suspicious activity? are providers responsible? Why do only spammers connect to me in 5 hours of the repeater's work? Previously, the situation was different, users connected in the same way. Apparently, the project does not like disconnections on my part, while the administration does not understand that I only get rid of spammers, without affecting ordinary users. My IP is not in the general list, ordinary users cannot find me, and spammers who remember my server do not want to get off it, I made such a conclusion. I want to help those who need a VPN to participate in the experiment, because this is also an experience for me. But I don't have to fight spammers alone. At the moment, before receiving any response, two of my servers will be completely stopped. If the project administration does not answer here, maybe someone knows how to contact them?
For the administration: I am ready to give logs for analysis and explain why I consider a number of connections to be suspicious and undesirable, we also need your participation in order to prevent this ..