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Ovpn VPN gate Linux set top box

Posted: Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:16 am
by hiranuk

I am trying to configure VPN gate on my Linux TV box but the ovpn file from vpn gate seems to have config missing. I have been using "IpVanish" which has been working but now i would like to test vpn gate.

Please take a look at the link below, this is how to setup ipvanish ovpn with a linux set top box. As you can see the ovpn config file is different from the vpn gate ovpn file, also the certificate is a seperate file whereas on vpn gate its included in the ovpn.

Can anyone tell me what i need to add or change on the vpngate gate ovpn file in order for it to work like the ipvanish ovpn? ... 2-openatv/