Has This Tunnel Been Breached?

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Has This Tunnel Been Breached?

Post by wingfin » Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:55 pm

Once I installed EtherApe on my Debian Thinkpad I began noticing some internet providers allowed the vpngate tunnel to be breached. (see image1)Image zq1.de from Germany I suppose and before that Voxitity.net (in Romania? had) it's own HTTPS patching past the VPN and that happened at the last provider, too... I jumped to another place.
Going back a month ago I turned off the IVP6 because my downloads were showing up going trought the vpngate tunnel and then jumped to another part of EtherApe to show the download continuing between two IPV6 addresses, which really looked like a bad breach.

For example, My tunnel came through vpngate's to T500b.local while you can see Torix.ca was breaching before the download started... Image , but once the download started then ...ipv6.telus.net began taking all the traffic on this EtherApe monitoring software. Here is the image after I started a downloadImage

I used the linux command to stop ipv6 on the old laptop so only ipv4 worked and the "breach?" stopped and data flowed only through the vpngate tunnel.

Thanks for your input,

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