I've been banned from half the Internet by DroneBL.

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I've been banned from half the Internet by DroneBL.

Post by athenian200 » Sun Oct 13, 2019 7:28 pm

I ran a malware scan and it turned up nothing, however they mentioned the port this software was running on, and said that they do not care if abuse has actually taken place or not.

This occurs every single time I reboot my computer:


Every time I rebooted my computer, until I removed your software, I was somehow getting added to their list by an automated port scan for running an "open proxy."

Upon further questioning, they explicitly refer to your software as an "open proxy," and said that I'm no longer allowed to use it and be connected to the Internet, or my IP will be added to a blacklist. They aren't willing to negotiate or be reasonable, and said I have to uninstall it completely regardless of whether it's been abused or not to be taken off their blacklist. They basically said that because spammers use this service, everyone who uses it has to pay the price.

It doesn't block me from any major sites, and no other blocklist on the Internet thought I was up to no good, but this listing in the stupid DroneBL was enough to get me banned from several IRC servers and apparently Kroger's website.

Is there anyway you can set this software up so that it can't be detected by a port scan like the one these guys are using? I don't appreciate them scrutinizing my network that closely and telling me what I can and cannot use.

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