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invalid certificate and logs

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 10:14 am
by whistleblower
yesterday I connected to a vpngate server without problems, today the antivirus give me an error of "invalid certificate". Translating from my native language the error is:"invalid certificate. The name is not included in the certificates list or is excluded".
Because I suspect that someone is sniffing or decripting with mitm attack my connection I'd like to have more details about this kind of error. For example if it's normal or not.
The other question concern the logs, as I said yesterday I connected to a vpngate server without any problems. I searched in the folder "C:\Program Files\SoftEther VPN Client\client_log" and I found the yesterday log, but inside the log there is not written any useful information to which server I connected. Anyone know where can I find the ip or the server name of the yesterday connection ?
Thank you.