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[Mobile App] SoftEther VPN Gate Client - Free Secure Public VPN

Posted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 1:06 pm
by mastervnc
Hello all of you, I just published the SoftEther VPN Gate Client app, which makes it easy for us to connect to public VPN Gate servers. This application uses a very secure SSTP protocol to connect to the VPN without installing any other 3rd party applications.

This application is very well optimized and has a lot of extremely useful features such as Application Filter, which helps you specify each desired application in your phone to use the VPN Gateway, not change the IP of the entire phone. There is also a feature to change DNS without having to root the device,...

You can also connect to any other VPN server as long as it supports SSTP.

Hope this app helps everyone, thanks for using.

Link Google Play Store: ... ping.sevpn