slow download on port 80

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slow download on port 80

Post by hunterhaz » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:11 pm

Ubuntu 16 lts minimal x64 on google cloud engine patched with BBR plus kernel.
softether running on open ports 80 and 443.
dnsmasq for DHCP and DNS.

The issue:
speedtests over port 443 gets around 30mbps down and 15mbps up.
on port 80 the download is less than 1mbps but the upload is about the same.
initially, I thought it had to do with the bbrplus kernel, so I tried running two clean setups such as follows but still yield the same results.
Ubuntu 16 lts minimal x64 without BBR plus kernel
Ubuntu 18 lts minimal x64 without BBR plus kernel

Temporary fix:
host A running vpnbridge on port 80.
host B connecting to the vpnbridge on host A. then establish another connection using vpnclient via 443.
the speedtest on host B gets around the same speed as the port 443 test shown above.

any idea what is causing the slow download on port 80.....?

EDIT 1/16/2020: tested on a clean install of OpenVPN 2.4.8 with TCP port 80 and the speed is 30mbps on download. this is pretty weird that it is only slow with softether on port 80
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