macOS L2TP VPN client fails

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macOS L2TP VPN client fails

Post by blazzelia » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:29 pm


I'm using a Softether server with Radius authentication and I'm testing the default VPN clients from Windows and macOS.
A bit about the Radius authentication - it's Okta Radius - so basically the user authenticate with its Okta account and then gets a notification on Okta Verify app (something similar to Google Authenticator) and it accepts the connection.

On Windows all is good, not even one issue. On macOS, Softether logs and Okta Radius logs looks fine, it shows a successful authentication of the user, however, the VPN client fails most of the time. If I start the VPN connection just as the MFA authenticator counter starts and very very quickly confirm the connection in the MFA app, then it connects successfully. Otherwise it fails.

So my question here would be if there is something I can do on either side - server or client - to avoid what seems to look like a VPN client timeout.



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Re: macOS L2TP VPN client fails

Post by eddiewu » Wed Jan 25, 2023 1:46 pm

If the timeout value can't be changed, you may need to try 3rd party VPN clients.

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