SE VPN Tunnel Throughput is low

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SE VPN Tunnel Throughput is low

Post by venkat.siva » Wed Mar 21, 2018 12:06 pm

Network speed test via Trafficclient and Trafficserver in SE VPNCMD shows speed as 10 - 15 Gbps, but while sending data through Tunnel it gives maximum 150 Mbps, i tried disabling compression and encryption with very low improvement in speed.

Increasing TCP connection is not helping.

Is there any other config that can limit the speed through VPN Tunnel.

Connection Details below:
VPN Server/hn-4ff20ea4d37c912b>cascadestatusget cn-08848a6a18f27500
CascadeStatusGet command - Get Current Cascade Connection Status
Item |Value
VPN Connection Setting Name |cn-08848a6a18f27500
Session Status |Connection Completed (Session Established)
Server Name |
Port Number |TCP Port 443
Server Product Name |SoftEther VPN Server (64 bit)
Server Version |4.22
Server Build |Build 9634
Connection Started at |2018-03-21 (Wed) 11:41:40
First Session has been Established since |2018-03-21 (Wed) 11:41:40
Current Session has been Established since|2018-03-21 (Wed) 11:41:40
Number of Established Sessions |1 Times
Half Duplex TCP Connection Mode |No (Full Duplex Mode)
VoIP / QoS Function |Disabled
Number of TCP Connections |1
Maximum Number of TCP Connections |1
Encryption |Disabled (No Encryption)
Use of Compression |No (No Compression)
Physical Underlay Protocol |Standard TCP/IP (IPv4)
UDP Acceleration is Supported |No
UDP Acceleration is Active |No
Session Name |SID-UN-08848A6A18F27500-6
Connection Name |CID-1364
Session Key (160 bit) |EB89261C03F58655EB4643D5906C65BF6A064A1E
Bridge / Router Mode |Yes
Monitoring Mode |No

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Re: SE VPN Tunnel Throughput is low

Post by thisjun » Thu Mar 29, 2018 6:09 am

How do you send the data to VPN tunnel?

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