VPN behind two router/firewall

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Re: VPN behind two router/firewall

Post by centeredki69 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:27 pm

Are you wanting to run the softether VPN server or use the client to connect to a server?

If you just want to use the client to connect to a softether VPN server at another location you should have no issue making the outbound connection to the server.

If you want to run a server. The softether software can do NAT transversal. Meaning it can work even with out the ports forwarded. However I'm not sure it can work through 3 firewalls, but you can forward the ports on the router you have access to and see if it will work.
The extra protocols that softether supports such as OpenVPN and L2tp/ipsec most likely will not work with out ports opened. Only the softether VPN protocol will work, maybe. (also it is not as efficient)

It would be better to forward the ports,
It can be done in your situation but you would need to port forward from the outer most router ( holding the Public IP) moving your way in to the next router and forwarding to the next and finally forwarding to the machine running the server software. But you would need access to all the routers.

May I ask why you are behind so many routers, is this a corporate environment?

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