Will my client auto-connect if I'm already in the LAN site ?

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Will my client auto-connect if I'm already in the LAN site ?

Post by rmach » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:52 pm


I couldn't figure out this question by looking at the documentation.
I have a set of computers on which I installed and configured SoftEther Client (latest beta).

My question is, in a more detailled way :

My setup consist in a cloud VPN on which is installed a PfSense router/fw, an active directory (acting as DHCP/DNS) and so on...
As our technical staff will never have workstation, but rather laptops, I setup an automatic VPN connection to this clouded network.

Now, we'll have a new office, and the employees will move in with these pre-configured VPNs. I was thinking about creating a new Virtual Hub (Bridge type) and cascade connection to the remote cloud network.
(I noticed that I could also have a new Virtual Hub and configure on-site routers and so on... Maybe it is a solution as I'm comfortable with configuring L3 Ip routing, but I'm afraid that it'll raise some Active Directory out of network problems and so on...)

So my question was, if I do this kind of setup, will the client be smart enough to not create a pointless overlay tunnel to the local network ?
Like Computer with VPN Autoconnect already in the LAN Network -> Querying the public IP of the VPN Server to enter the LAN (on which he already is) -> Getting from DHCP another lease -> ....

And using this overlay path for nothing...

I could do a draft and try this by myself, but I would really appreciate to save that precious time :)

Thanks in advance,
Best regards.

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