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New server - Slow download, fast upload

Posted: Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:13 pm
by mrc

I have set up a new SoftEther VPN-server, and ran into quite a bit of issues in regards of performance.

Currently, I now have one single hub on the server with a very basic setup. On the server itself, the speeds towards internet is great (500/500+ Mbps). This is set up on a dedicated 500/500 fiber connection in my office. Server is a quite new Xeon 8-core workstation running Ubuntu 18.04LTS.

But through the VPN, I get 0,1 to 4 Mbps downstream, while upstream is 300 mbps+. Connecting to a different server in the office on a another 500 Bps connection, gives me much better performance (this running on an old PC with Ubuntu 16.04LTS and an older SoftEther VPN-version).

As a client, I tried both my Windows PC with the SoftEther VPN Client and a Raspberry Pi2 running SoftEther VPN with cascade-connection to the server and a bridge to a secondary Eth-interface. Performance issue is present on both clients. Also here at home I have a 500/500 Mbps fiber-connection.

If a join a 15 Mbps multicast over the VPN, there is no issue - Multicast is UDP and on Layer 2.


Re: New server - Slow download, fast upload

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 4:17 pm
by mrc
Get it resolved. Installed Ubuntu 16.04LTS instead of 18.04LTS. Not sure if that alone was the reason why it now seems to work. I have a little bit difference in the ip-configuration too (two of the interfaces that earlier was dhcp is not using a static IP).