SofthetherVPN-Server(azure)-Client-Lan Only

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SofthetherVPN-Server(azure)-Client-Lan Only

Post by razarnovski » Mon Dec 03, 2018 12:10 am

Hello! I'm on work network behind NAT can't open ports and can't take IP from the work DHCP with subnet set up an VPN Softether server with help by Azure, so far so good. My home network is behind NAT with subnet Just want to access work network only LAN no routing traffic at all. Set up Virtual NAT and DHCP with subnet, setup and gateway and then server route traffic, setup without gateway, but don't have access to work netwrok at all. What is best method to achieve my gold?

1. With Option "Manage Access List?
2. Option "Edit the static routing table to push"?
3. Or with just Virtual bridge only LAN-LAN never setup and don't know if it will work behind NAT that can't open any ports?

Tested some options so far no luck. Test with metric no luck, highert number no luck, test with in SoftherVPN Cleint no adjust. of routing no luck either Tested with Manage Access List - add first rule block and second alllow no luck at all.
Please help guys!

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Re: SofthetherVPN-Server(azure)-Client-Lan Only

Post by thisjun » Thu Dec 13, 2018 7:06 am

I think option 2 work.
What configuration did you do?
Do you confirm the route is added?

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