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Slow connection over Gateway

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:28 pm
by mintspec
I have a setup connecting two locations via Level 2 Bridge.

In each location I have a couple of client windows servers and a dedicated VPN server (Windows) running SoftEther.
The Gateway of the client windows servers on each side is the VPN Server.

When I run a speed test (using the SoftEther speed tester) from any of the clients on one side to the VPN Server on the other side I get around 350 Mbs.

Yet when I run it from a (client) server on one side to any (client) server on the other side the speed drops to around 80 Mbs.

(The same issue happens with iPerf just that there the bandwidth is 130 Mbs direct to VPN server and 12.6 Mbs to client on the other side.)

There are no firewall besides the windows firewall and no routers.

I suspect the issue is something to-do with the gateway or packets getting broken up when they are sent over the private network but am not sure where to start.

Re: Slow connection over Gateway

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:17 am
by thisjun
Could you see the CPU usage when you do the test?