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Route VM's traffic through VPN server [SoftEther&VirtualBox]

Posted: Thu Feb 21, 2019 4:46 pm
by DrUnleavened
What I am trying to achieve here is to make all traffic from a VirtualBox virtual machine go through a VPN server. I don't want to install the VPN client on the VM, so anyone having access just to the VM wouldn't be able to know that one, my IP address, two, that all of the traffic is routed through a VPN. I want all network traffic to go through the VPN, not even a single packet should be leaking. What I have done, is that on the host machine (running Windows 10 Enterprise) I have created two virtual network adapters in the VPN client. One is for a different purpose (connecting my PC to the HQ), the other one is for the VM. Now I have set the metric of the first one to 255, so if I connect to the VPN, the traffic of my host machine won't be redirected to the VPN server, but for those applications using that specific network adapter, the traffic should be routed through the VPN. So so far I have two virtual network adapters, one is VPN1 and the other one is VPN2. VPN2's metric value is set to 255. These two do appear under Network Connection (in Control Panel). However, when I open up VirtualBox, and go to the VM's settings > Network, choose Attached to: Bridged Adapter, under Name only one VPN Client Adapter appears, and not the two.
Thank you.

Re: Route VM's traffic through VPN server [SoftEther&VirtualBox]

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 6:45 pm
by DrUnleavened
This has started working one day, the second VPN adapter has magically appeared in VirtualBox.