How to connect SoftEther VPN CLient in dd-wrt to a SoftEther VPN Server

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How to connect SoftEther VPN CLient in dd-wrt to a SoftEther VPN Server

Post by danielks11 » Fri Feb 22, 2019 1:33 pm

Good Morning

I am trying to find some information about setting up a SoftEther VPN Client in dd-wrt x86_64.

I have set up a Windows VPS and installed SoftEther VPN Server and was able to connect to it on my Windows computer and Android phone using OpenVPN clients and verified it works. I also tested the SoftEther VPN Client on Windows and that worked too.

I now want to configure my dd-wrt x86_64 PC router to connect to my SoftEther VPN Server so that all my devices can be on the VPN without having to set up the client on each individual device. Plus too, I have an Amazon Fire TV and I don't want the trouble of trying to configure the client on the Fire TV.

My first instinct obviously is to set up the OpenVPN Client on the Services -> VPN page in dd-wrt, however I already have that client configured to connect to another VPN service that I pay for. I then connect my Amazon Fire TV to my dd-wrt router so that it can use my other VPN. So I do not want to interfere with my OpenVPN Client settings at the moment as it is already in use.

It would have been ideal if dd-wrt allowed for 2 simultaneous OpenVPN Client configurations that you can switch/toggle between like the Tomato firmware but I have never found any information on configuring multiple OpenVPN clients on dd-wrt.

Anyhow, I noticed at the bottom of the Services -> VPN page, there is a section called SoftEther VPN. See image below.


So I figure that maybe I can enable the Client and configure it to see if I can get it to connect to my SoftEther VPN server. The only issue is that I am uncertain what to put in the Config section.

I tried exporting my SoftEther VPN Client settings to a .vpn file and copied and pasted the contents of that file into the Config section in the image above but that did not work.

I have searched online but the only info I have found regarding SoftEther and dd-wrt is where people were configuring SoftEther VPN Server on dd-wrt itself but I don't want to do that, I want to configure the client and not the Server.

So my plan is to reach out to experts in dd-wrt and SoftEther, in hopes that both parties can shed some light on how to configure this so that I can get it to work. I have already reached out to someone who deals with dd-wrt and now I am hoping someone from this forum can help from the SoftEther side of things. Hopefully, either one of you, or if I combined both sets of info, I can get I want to do to work.

So, can anyone shed some light on how the SoftEther Client should be configured on dd-wrt so that it can connect to a SoftEther VPN Server?

Thank you in advance.


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