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Layer 3 Site to Site almost complete, connection unstable

Posted: Thu Jun 13, 2019 5:02 am
by temuulenchoi
I have recently learnt about SoftEther and I am quite fascinated by the product.
We use Hamachi as a VPN, which somewhat does the job, but we were looking for an alternative software that makes Site to Site VPN possible. The VPN is mainly used for RTSP Stream (CCTV) and Remote Management With VNC (TightVNC, VNC Viewer etc)
The problem is that the connection is pretty unstable. My configuration is as following:

-So we managed to setup a Server, then on each site, we installed a bridge on a computer and made the configurations.
-Then we added routes on every routers. Server to site on server side router and site to server on site side router.
-L3 Switch is configured and online, which creates an extra gateway on each site and server (IP ends with .254, which is different than the IP of the Site for example)
-IP configuration is as follows: server side has, site1 has, site2 has etc, with as mask
-firewalls are turned off, to be configured later
-bridge computers were restarted once in the beginning to avoid some complications

Results: Site to site ping is functioning, RTSP Streaming works, and VNC remote desktop also works.

The Problem: RTSP Stream works about 30 sec, and then cuts off about 15 sec or so and continues. The problem also consists when we use VNC. It works 20-30 sec and then it freezes, then it reconnects in like 20 sec.

I think it is mainly a configuration problem, because the problem persists on each site. I cannot tell what exactly. Packets being dropped? L2 Loop?(just googled it) Disconnected? A help would be really appreciated. Thanks! Temu

Re: Layer 3 Site to Site almost complete, connection unstable

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 3:20 am
by temuulenchoi
Quick update:

OMG, it was the Avira Antivirus that caused the problem! Uninstalled it and the connection stabilized and started working like a charm. No more free AV for me.