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Can you use SoftEther to bypass Internet provider's NAT as a CLIENT?

Posted: Sat Jun 15, 2019 1:24 pm
by Lernos
So, I have a virtual Windows server (2012 R2) based in the Netherlands hosting a small site for me and my friends. My friend has been having trouble lately due to his provider having him behind a NAT. I want to help him since I already have a server. I've read somewhere that you can use a VPN to bypass a NAT. So I installed the SoftEther VPN Server on my Windows Server and set it up. I enabled L2TP settings to be sure and created a local bridge. I had to set the main TCP port as 442 instead of 443 since 443 is busy hosting my site. I enabled Secure NAT as well and set up a user. Then I decided to test it on my home PC. I downloaded the SoftEther VPN Client and connected to the server using the user credentials I made. I got a new local IP and my external IP changed to that of the server's. I could also open sites that were blocked in my country, so it worked as a browser VPN just fine. However, when I decided to test if my ports were open by hosting a server in a Steam game, I found out that nobody can connect to it, so the ports must be closed. All ports on the virtual server are open. I can host this game server no problem without the VPN, since my provider is not such a jerk, unlike my friend's. What should I do to change that? I didn't find any port forwarding settings anywhere. Please go easy on me if you can, since even though I'm more experienced than any of my friends, my user experience goes only as far as the comprehensive manuals. Don't suggest any Linux solutions either.

Re: Can you use SoftEther to bypass Internet provider's NAT as a CLIENT?

Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:48 am
by thisjun
I have no idea about Steam something.
However, please don't use localbridge and SecureNAT at the same time.