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Routing Client WAN traffic to Cloud Server

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2019 9:05 am
by Neil_P01
I have a use case for my VPN connection to a Vultr cloud server where I want to route my LAN client traffic over the VPN to the Vultr cloud server WAN port. Please see diagram below.

My plan is to:
1. Leave the DD-WRT Gateway set as the VPN traffic needs to find its way onto the 4G WAN
2. Add a static route to my LAN Clients to direct the WAN traffic to the Vultr HUB gateway (as long as this is a 10.8.79.x address the switch should be ok, the DD-WRT router already has a static route defined so that should be ok)

I'm unsure what to do at the Vultr HUB end of the network because although I have setup and shown a tap connection to the WAN address I don't think Vultr cloud servers support it and it doesn't work.

Can SoftEther NAT the traffic itself? I'm unsure how to get the traffic out to the WAN :-S Other things I have thought of is to create a LAN on the Vultr could which Vultr support, this would give me a 10. IP address to send the traffic to which maybe easier as the Virtual switch already knows about it.

Unsure if I'm more lost or stuck :-P