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Linux Mint - Softether Client client - Error Code 33 on NicGetSetting

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2019 6:15 pm
by Pancake
I'm stuck on the SoftEhter client on my Linux Mint machine:

- I have a SoftEther server on AWS - runs fine
- SoftEther client on Windows - runs fine, connects to the server and has no issue.

However on my Mint (on the same network as the Windows machine I have the following issue with the NIC

- NicCreate - seems to work fine - no error
- NicList - shows the created NIC
- NicSetSetting - allows me to change the MAC address, which I can see in NicList

However :
- NicGetSetting gives me

Error occurred. (Error code: 33)

The Nic doesn't seem to be correctly built, when I start the connection, the user connects to the server ( I can see the session on the server), but the Nic never gets an IP address [ the server is working fine with the window client]

Any suggestion where I should be looking:

- I have a dev/net/tun
- Modinfo tun gives me : modinfo: ERROR: Module tun not found. <== Is this the issue??? If so how to fix it.

I tried with modprobe tun, but that doesn't change anything

Running : 4.15.0-51-generic on mint 18.3
SoftEther Client : Version 4.30 Build 9696 (English)