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Connecting locally but not from home

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:13 am
by handsup12
Hello everyone,

I am experimenting with SoftEther VPN Server and have installed it at work on a laptop running Ubuntu that is connected to the 1 and only work router directly via ethernet cable. I can connect to the VPN fine with a work laptop in the office (locally). And I can also connect with that work laptop from anywhere else.

I just tried connecting from my home PC (Windows) that is connected via ethernet to my home network and I am unable to connect.

Things I have done to troubleshoot:

1. Port-forward all required ports on work router.
2. Ping the VPN server from home, getting request timed out 4 times.
3. Tracert from home, it seems it makes it to the office router over 14 hops and after just gives request timed out for the remaining 16 hops.
4. The server is running on Ubuntu, which is a fresh install with no fiddling done on networking such as iptabes etc.
5. I have full access to my home and work router so I can fiddle with any setting.

I'm quite new to this so I apologise if my terminology is a bit off. Would any experts be able to provide steps I should take to further troubleshoot? My issue seems weird as with my work laptop I can connect from a cafe, but from my home PC I can't at all.

Many thanks.

Re: Connecting locally but not from home

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 10:36 pm
by centeredki69
From your work laptop can you connect from Home?
What client are you using Native Windows or SE ?
Does your work have a static WAN IP or are you using a dynaminc DNS?