UDP traffic not complete

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UDP traffic not complete

Post by Meesmaalt » Mon Jul 22, 2019 9:47 am

Hello! I'm hosting a game server at home - The game is Rust and ive got a remote VPS as a firewall which i guide my game traffic through with OpenVPN. Since openvpn is only singlethreaded - its not good. So i found you guys but now i have a little problem with UDP traffic. Rust uses UDP and with openvpn, everything works out of the box basically. Just have to do 1 routing command on VPS. But with SoftEther i cannot fully connect to my game server. The server sees an incoming connection, also does the Rust Client but it keeps "Negotiating connection" until it says in both server and client: "Steam auth timeout".
I can use my server manager over RCON fine (TCP) but the UDP part is the problem.

I am thinking that SoftEther is not forwarding all the traffic correctly and thats why udp is not working correctly. Im sure you guys have a better idea but i'd love to receive some help! Been messing for days with different softwares.


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