Client cant connect if it has a DHCP IP

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Client cant connect if it has a DHCP IP

Post by lfuz75 » Fri Aug 16, 2019 6:57 pm

I have configured a VPN server to which 20 users will connect.
I have configured each of the users but I have encountered the problem that if the client has an IP address assigned to connect to the Internet via DHCP, then it connects to the VPN server, it assigns its IP address, but I cannot access it , although the VPN client says it is "Connected"

However, if I take the client's IP address with the IPCONFIG and write it manually, then it connects successfully, obtains its IP address from the VPN Server and works without any problem.

It is the same IP of the client, the only difference is that if it is obtained via DHCP it does not work, but statically written it works ...

What could I have configured wrong?

Thanks in advance

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