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Feature? - Ability to run program on VPN Client Connection/Reconnect

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 3:31 pm
by kaldurak
Hi folks -

I've got a small issue where I have a few remote clients connecting to my SE VPN, initially they get connected and get a DHCP address from my server, now and then the connection drops - the client reconnects but the DHCP request to obtain a new IP is never sent. The clients are currently running various builds of Linux for raspberry pi, and tinker board (ubuntu/debian,etc). I was wondering if it is possible (or maybe a feature request?) to have the vpn client run an external program when the vpn connection is established/re-established? I could then tell the dhcp client to re-new the lease/request.

I could do a cron job - but that is ugly.

Is there such a setting? I've tried looking through this forum and google and haven't found anything.