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Bridging OpenVPN Tunnel via Softether

Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:11 pm
by SepEther
Hallo Guys,

I am new to Softether. I changed to Softether since it is more appealing for me.

Now I tried bridging and my remote PC got even an IPv4 and IPv6 from my Router. On OpenVPN (usual Settings you will get an IP with 10.8....).

OpenVPN is registering as tun0 on Linux.

Now I am wondering if I can bridge this tun0 with Softether so all who connect to SoftEther will receive an IP from OpenVPN server.

I made a little painting for it. The Problem is, the upper PC can't switch to Softether since it has hundreds of clients with it already.

I am wondering how it is with the Authorization with OpenVPN then.