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Illumos/Solaris shows Error in BridgeList

Posted: Thu Sep 05, 2019 5:32 am
by anilj
I am stuck trying to get SoftEther to work on SmartOS (IllumOS/Solaris):

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VPN Server>bridgedevicelist
BridgeDeviceList command - Get List of Network Adapters Usable as Local Bridge
The command completed successfully.

VPN Server>bridgelist
BridgeList command - Get List of Local Bridge Connection
Number|Virtual Hub Name|Network Adapter or Tap Device Name|Status
1     |DEFAULT         |net0                              |Error
The command completed successfully.

VPN Server>
I compiled from master and have used the following *test* configs:

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./vpncmd /SERVER localhost /CMD BridgeCreate DEFAULT /Device:net0 /TAP:no
./vpncmd /SERVER localhost /CMD IPsecEnable /L2TP:yes /L2TPRAW:no /ETHERIP:no /PSK:psk /DEFAULTHUB:DEFAULT
./vpncmd /SERVER localhost /HUB:DEFAULT /CMD SecureNatEnable
Looking in the logs, I don't see a successful Bridge connection. Looking at the code it is supposed to show "A Local Bridge connection to physical Ethernet interface" when the interface is successfully opened but from looking at this, it seems like it doesn't.

This is all I see in the logs:

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2019-09-05 05:20:33.654 Administration mode [RPC-41]: The Local Bridge connection definition "DEFAULT" --> "net0" has been added.
2019-09-05 05:20:33.654 [HUB "DEFAULT"] The Local Bridge connection "net0" has started. The bridge session "SID-LOCALBRIDGE-1" was created.
2019-09-05 05:20:33.684 Connection "CID-2" terminated by the cause "No error." (code 0).
2019-09-05 05:20:33.684 Connection "CID-2" has been terminated.
Any suggestions?