SoftEther not listening to ports on Windows 10

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SoftEther not listening to ports on Windows 10

Post by rakshithts » Fri Sep 13, 2019 8:11 am

I am new to setting up VPNs. I followed tutorials and managed to set up my VPN server on a Windows 10 Pro x1909 computer. SoftEther is not listening to any ports. If I open netstat and check for the same, the vpn manager is listening to the ports under but not on my IP which is

I have a static IP at home and a reliable Gigabit internet connection. I tried to ping the ports from outside my home network but it says port closed. I have tried everything possible. Could you please help me solve the problem?

My intention is to use my home IP address on my android phone and Windows laptop while traveling. I would like access to all my home smart devices, storage and surveillance cameras. I would want my clients to use my home static IP while browsing the internet. I have no data restrictions for my home internet.

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